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Last update: November 28th, 2021 at 7:58pm

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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Div Email
Mr. Mark Byrne Principal mark.byrne [at]
Mrs. Victoria Fehr Vice Principal - Grade 5 3 victoria.fehr [at]


Name Position Div Email
Mrs. L. Byron ELL lori.byron [at]
Mrs. R. Gill ELL ranjit.gill [at]
Mrs. B. Graham ELL brenda.graham [at]
Mrs. M. Mah ELL margaret.mah [at]
Mrs. D. Schellenberg ELL doris.schellenberg [at]
Mrs. S. Burdell Grade 1 14 sara.burdell [at]
Mrs. J. Krahn Grade 1 13 jessica.krahn [at]
Mrs. J Ahuja-Rai Grade 1 and 2 13 jenny.ahujarai [at]
Mrs. L. Valihrach Grade 1/2 12 lisa.valihrach [at]
Mrs. R. Rennison Grade 2 10 rebecca.rennison [at]
Mrs. K. Wong Grade 2 11 Karen.wong [at]
Ms. S. Barski Grade 2/3 9 sonia.barski [at]
Mrs. K. Ulrich Grade 2/3 (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) 8 katerina.ulrich [at]
Mrs. R. Penner Grade 2/3 (Wed.) 8 rugia.penner [at]
Mrs. A. Sharma Grade 3 avneet.sharma [at]
Mrs. M. Wiens Grade 3 7 maria.wiens [at]
Ms. A. Mund Grade 3 (UFN) aleshia.mund [at]
Ms. J. Doerksen Grade 4 5 jennifer.doerksen [at]
Mrs. N. Multani Grade 4 4 neelum.multani [at]
Mrs. G. Wiebe Grade 4/5 and Grade 4 3 and 5 gabrielle.wiebe [at]
Mr. G. Batt Grade 5 1 greg.batt [at]
Mr. C. Van der Waarde Grade 5 & PE 2 chris.vanderwaarde [at]
Mr. J. Voth Grade 5 & PE 2 jo.voth [at]
Mrs. S. Baker-Hamm Kindergarten 17 Currently on leave of absence
Mrs. R. Rai Kindergarten & Punjabi 18 rapinder.rai [at]
Ms. M. Dhaliwal Kindergarten (Temp) manmeet.dhaliwal [at]
Mrs. J. Poxon Kindergarten (Thurs & Fri) 15 jill.poxon [at]
Mrs. M. Mah Kindergarten (Tues & Wed) 18 margaret.mah [at]
Mrs. S. Tudhope Kindergarten/ Grade 1 (Mon, Tues & Wed) ELL (Thurs, Fri) 15 sylvia.tudhope [at]
Mrs. A. Nair Kindergarten/Grade 1 16 amelia.nair [at]
Mrs. B. Toor LA bal.toor [at]
Mr. B. Merrill Learning Commons brock.merrill [at]
N. Lamont Literacy Helping Teacher natalie.lamont [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Christine Shandler On Maternity Leave
Pam Bain Education Assistant
Lynn Beisel Education Assistant
Nadine Drocholl Education Assistant
Kuldip Dutt Education Assistant
Megan Johnston Education Assistant
Arleen Lewis Education Assistant
Tammy Soon Education Assistant
Kulvinder Brar Educational Assistant
Gurpreet Pandhar Educational Assistant