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Blog: Friday, May 1st, 2020

From the Desk of Mr. Byrne


In my early years I was a competitive gymnast representing my club, province, university and country. I competed from when I was very young to my adult life. Initially, motivation to train and learn new skills was exciting and fun. As time progressed, I needed to look at what motivated me to continue to compete and perform in the sport. Things like injuries, mental tiredness and travelling started to influence my training and motivation. Towards the end of my career in gymnastics, I learned to train around injuries, motivate myself from within and enjoy the time I had in other countries and parts of North America. I realized my true motivation was the fun of learning new and complicated skills. It was all up to me.  My success and failure was always about a positive mental attitude and perseverance. It is that attitude, that carries me through my current work as a principal and a leader in schools today.  As we move forward in remote learning, I ask to find what makes your learning fun, enjoyable and sustainable.