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Blog: Friday, November 13th, 2020

Term 1 Wrapping Up

November News

With term one at Harry Sayers ending, it’s time to write about the upcoming student assessments or report cards. Over the past 6 months school has been in a state of change. When COVID 19 shut down schools we were in the Spring of 2020, we had just completed the second term. Our students were progressing nicely with their reading, writing, and numeracy. Then school stopped and learning happened at home with the direction and guidance of the teachers. Some students carried on with their studies while others we less engaged for a variety of reasons. As schools re-started in the Fall, teachers, parents, and school leaders were concerned about the learning gaps that students would experience because of the interruption in schooling.

 As we come to the end of the first term please remember that your child’s assessment is based on their current learning in relation to their current grade. It will take time to rebuild the skills, routines, and work attitudes needed for success in school. Please don’t misunderstand my writing, the students are working hard at school. The teaching staff is helping students learn but learning to read and write takes time and it’s not a race. Our students work hard at school and they are eager to do their best. So, when you see your child’s report card try do not too surprised. Celebrate their hard work, encourage them to keep trying, turn off the screen, read, write, and play. Together we will help them be successful if they are not already.