Our Younger Days
Kindergarten Registration Continues!
Optional K-12 in-class instruction to start on June 1
Welcome to Harry Sayers Elementary!


R.E.A.C.H. for the Stars

Student School Supplies

Thank you to all families who have picked up there child's school supplies. Parents may come Monday to Friday between 10-2. If these times do not work for you please contact

Parent/School Expectations of Student Learning

Schooling for our students in the coming weeks will look very different. Parents and Caregivers please be aware that your child will not be expected to do school work for the traditional amount of time. Activities given by our staff are expected to be flexible an engaging. The activities are not designed to fill a normal school day as every family situation and every student is different. Thank you for your continued support.

Tips for Learning at Home (Punjabi Language)

Thank you Reimer Middle School and Mr. Brar for kindly making this video.